Nursery Home Learning

Dear Nursery Parents and Carers, 

Please click the link below to access the weekly home learning sheets. 

Please feel free to bring in any of your children's responses to the learning. This might be a small note of something they said, a photo, something they've made or drawn or even something they have found that is linked and they want to bring in to share.

We look forward to seeing the fabulous learning! 

The Nursery Team! 

This Week's Home Learning

Week 26 - Come play in my den!


Previous Weeks' Home Learning


Summer Term

Week 25 - A cardboard box is all you need!

 Week 24 - At the Airport

Week 23 - We are ready for Takeoff!

Week 22 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Week 21 - Let's get ready for recycling!


Spring Term

Week 20 - Happy Easter!

Week 19 - Happy mother's day!

Week 18 - Roll the dice!

Week 17 - There are patterns everywhere!

Week 16 - Celebrating Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Week 15 - Love is the bridge between you and others!

Week 14 - M is for Magic Milk!

Week 13 - Letters and sounds!

Week 12- Rhyme time!

Week 11 - God detectives

Week 10 - Motion and forces

Week 9 - Learning my letters!


Autumn Term

Week 8 - Merry Christmas

Week 7 - Christmas!

Week 6 - Nativity play

Week 5 - Three Little Pigs

Week 4 - Hygiene

Week 3 -  Pete the Cat

Week 2 -  Remembrance

Week 1 -  Fireworks